Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Blogger ate my post

And it was a long one too.

I'm feeling so defeated by this.  Don't think I like the new blogger format, it doesn't automatically save.   And I kinda poured my heart out about what to do with Cupcake's sleep, what's going on with her teething, and how maybe the stress of moving is getting to us all, including her.

Sucks I guess.  I can't rewrite it, if feels futile to do so.   boooo

Monday, September 5, 2011

Breastfeeding and mole scratching

I am in need of some advice. Cupcake is at a phase where she's started to pick at some of my moles while breastfeeding.  I originally tried to distract her , but she's pretty relentless.   I've tried to cover up, but unfortunately, I have a large mole above each boob, and another right below them in the middle of my stomach.  So no matter what one of them ends up uncovered at all times.  And these are the slightly bumpy moles, they hurt when she scratches them.

I've read that nursing necklaces are recommended for this.  For the uninformed, this is a necklace who's sole purpose is to give the baby something to grab while nursing, not to be confused with a teething necklace, which we have, and they rock.  Anyone have experience with these?  Have they worked for you?  Any easy ways to make one at home?  I hate the idea of buying yet another baby gadget, specially if it doesn't work.  We have enough craziness at home without having to add a shopping trip to our day.   (I don't like shopping, unless it's for home wares and furniture, it's strange, I know.)

I'm feeling a bit frustrated with this development.  I originally figured I'd let her play with the mole and she'd get bored of it. But it seems moles are like cell phones, babies can't get enough of them. I've thought of covering them with band aids, but it doesn't seem like that would solve the actual problem.

I've made it 11 months now, and there's no reason to stop breastfeeding at this point.