About me

Around the first week of February, 2010, we took a pregnancy test and realized, to our total joy and surprise, that we were pregnant. We decided to name the zygot Cupcake. First of all, it sounds much more poetic than zygot or embryo, and also, Nate’s nickname for me is Babycakes, so it would seem fitting that a babycake would have a cupcake in it’s belly.
We decided to start a blog to document the scary, amazing, overwhelming, and crazy experience that is becoming parents. We hope to include here things we find out about pregnancy itself, and infant care, our feelings regarding the issues, our symptoms, and hopefully someday look back and remember how young and innocent we were then.
After Cupcake was born, she was diagnosed with MCAD Deficiency.    Though MCADD is a mostly asymptomatic and treatable condition, it has still affected how we feed her, treat her common illnesses, sleep patterns and our overall attitudes towards parenting.  This blog then became an outlet for some of the frustrations that come with parenting a baby with a treatable genetic deficiency.  Hopefully, someday we will still look back and remember how  innocent things were.

I'm also eaguer to meet other people going through similar experiences - be it parenting, dealing with FODs (Fatty-acid Oxidation Disorders), MCADD, or life in general.  Send me a message, comment, stick around. :)

*All people have been "nicknamed" to protect the innocent.  If you think you know me in real life, send me an email, but don't share our personal information in this public forums.   I have an irrational fear of identity theft*