Monday, May 23, 2011

Stuffy Noses

It's normal, right? The stuffy nose issue?  Because right now we have the stuffy nose that will not go away. 

Some days it's better than others.  Today, for example, it's like a dripping faucet and it's all I can do to catch the snot bubbles are they explode out of her nose.  Then again, yesterday she was pretty good and we were able to attend a wedding reception.  I'm not too concerned over the ramifications of another mild cold, since Cupcake has proven to have an awesome immune system and doesn't seem too upset or debilitated by it.  The only aspect that really affects her is sleeping.  It seems the stuffy nose doesn't let her nap well, which results in having a cranky baby that seems always a little tired.

Actually, today I've tried an experiment.  After having two weeks of stuffy noses and nap-time being all over the place, I'm trying to figure out if she's cranky because she's not getting enough sleep, or if she's achy/sore, and that is causing her to both be cranky and unable to sleep.  It's a cause and effect issue, ya know?  So I've given her some Motrin this afternoon, and she's down for a nap, so far over a half hour.  I don't like medicating my child for no reason, but seriously, if she doesn't get some good naps in there, she'll be in no condition to fight whatever is causing her runny nose.  Medicine is your friend, I really believe that.  Additionally, Motrin isn't a sleep inducer, merely a pain reliever, so it wouldn't help her sleep on its own.

No fevers, though, so there's no concern of an MCADD crisis.  Just good ol' traditional stuffies.  It's still clear and runny, which makes me think it's not a cold... allergies maybe?  I've also heard some kids get stuffy noses when they're teething.  And if she's working on a tooth (it'd be the top one), it would explain soooo much.


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