Saturday, December 10, 2011


Life has been busy, and it's been a while since we've posted.  And I feel an overwhelming dread that there are just too many things I want to say and not enough time.  So I will paraphrase.

- Cupcake continues to do well, and is still growing and healthy.  Lately, she's been having some poop issues, which makes me think she might have more food aversions than we previously thought.  Related to MCAD?  Probably not, but worth keeping an eye on.

- We're between doctors, which I hate, but we moved twice in the last 3 months, which meant that her 12 month check up was with a doctor that we'll never see again.  Actually, we were willing to have her 15 month check up there, but apparently this doctor moved and left the practice.  The rest of the practice is too far for us to attend and meet a whole new doctor, so we're on a search for a new general pediatrician.  I don't like this, but it is what it is.

- We are also between Metabolic Specialists, which I like even less.  But we moved from Brooklyn in October, and the new specialist didn't have any available appointments until January, so in the meantime we have our emergency protocol letter and both doctors have told us to count them as the main resource.  Hopefully nothing will happen, and this will be remembered as just another snafu in our health coverage.

- Health coverage.  I seriously think nothing in my life will be as frustrating as trying to figure out the US health care system.  We've been royally f*cked one too many times, and we haven't even needed ER services yet.  At least it's all settled now.  Nate has a job, which provides full comprehensive coverage, and the last three months of COBRA, dealing with CHIP, and looking for private coverage will be but a terrible nightmare that happened some time in 2011.

-  I'm working again.  *Finally*  And even though it's only part-time right now, it's enough to afford to send Cupcake to daycare for a few days a week.  I'm looking forward to this, and I think she'll really enjoy the social interactions as well.   However, finding adequate daycare is a herculean task unto itself.  Is this just a standard issue in parenting, or am I being extra vigilant because of her MCAD?  I'll never know, I guess, this child is all I know on being a mom.

- We've been seeing a lot more family and it's great.  Lots more babysitting, and interactions with grandparents and aunts/uncles.  Cupcake loves the attention, and Nate and I are getting a much needed break.  I feel the light at the end of the tunnel in achieving more balance in my life.  Maybe I'll even start doing yoga again to regain my zen-ness.  Who know, stranger things have happened.