Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vaccines - 2 months

We went yesterday for her 2 month check up, where Cupcake also got her two month shots.   I am a big vaccine supporter, and fully believe that everyone should be vaccinated (its herd immunity, after all), but it broke my heart to have her hurt with the needle.  She was so happy in the doctor's office, smiling at the nurses, and then *prick*, it all went down the drain.

She was fussy all afternoon, crying uncontrollably as though something was really hurting.  It probably was, I can't imagine taking so many vaccines, have you body reacting to it, and not feel under the weather.  I gave her a dose of infant acetaminophen and it seemed to make her feel better.  Still, for the rest of the day she needed to be held in order to sleep.  So I had her in my arms for 5 straight hours.  Exhausting, sure, but she was feeling achy and I just wanted to make her feel better.  By the time Nate got home from work, I was exhausted, but Cupcake seemed to be over the fussiness.  She was even smiling and being chill again in the evening.

I was really nervous about the vaccine, because a common side effect is a low fever.   This would be harmless by all accounts (though very unpleasant for Cupcake), but it triggers my MCAD buzzer.  They told us at the Metabolic Clinic that we need to be extra vigilant if she has a fever, as this burns more calories and would affect her caloric intake.  So I just wanted to avoid any type of fever, whether caused by a vaccine or due to a genuine bacterial infection.  It bothers me greatly that the MCAD issue is always somewhere in the back of my mind.  It's exhausting to worry about it, specially since Cupcake has so far been completely asymptomatic.  Luckily, the vaccine only made her extra fussy and we didn't have to deal with the issue.

Still... my poor baby.

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  1. I am so happy I found this blog!! I have a 2 month old that has MCAD and I am TERRIFIED everything scares me. I don't know how to sleep anymore. I'm so scared I will oversleep or I will fall asleep and she won't get enough to eat. Also she has her 2 month shots tomorrow and I'm so worried about her getting a fever with them.