Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming pool

Yesterday, as a father's day treat,  we took Cupcake to the pool for the very first time.   It's summer time, and the weather is great, but since  the local school aren't on summer break yet, the public pools aren't open .  So instead we went to a nearby indoor pool that offers open family swim Sunday afternoons.

I'm glad we went the indoor route first, because we didn't have to worry about sunburns, or Cupcake getting cold from the breeze after getting out of the water.

Our initial goal was to be there for 15 minutes, figuring Cupcake might hate it, but since we had to pay to get in, we should try to stay as long as possible.  No issue, she LOVES the water.

When  we first put her in (there's no wading pool, so this is all us holding her on the 4 ft end), she made a strange face, seemingly confused at the concept of being inside such a big bathtub.  But within minutes, seeing that both mom and dad were there with her, she warmed up to the concept. She started splashing, moving her legs, and smiling.  Big wide smiles as she looked at all the other kids playing in the pool.  I'm so glad we went, she had a wonderful time.  Didn't put her face in the water, or anything too ambitious, we just wanted to make her familiar with water.  I want her to enjoy being in the pool and the ocean.

In the end, we stayed for 35 minutes, much longer than anticipated.  And when we got back home, she zonked out for a nap within minutes.  What a great way to tire out an 8 month old baby. I expect we'll be going back many Sunday afternoons in the future.

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