Thursday, March 24, 2011

Babywearing an under-the-weather baby

If I wasn't enough of a baby-wearing fan, I can now add a new dimension:  keeping your sanity while your baby is sick.

Cupcake's had a cold, which I talked about on my last entry.   So, as anyone who's feeling yucky, she wants to be held more.  So I've been using our sling a lot, the same one I maligned before because it's on the big side.  The thing with this sling is that I can't take it outside, it just doesn't feel secure.  However, in the safety of home, when Cupcake wants to be cradled, its the perfect thing.

I'll just bounce on our yoga ball, and have her on the sling.  Sometimes she falls asleep on it, other times it's just not comfortable so I'll have to get her out and hold her on my lap on the couch.  The house is falling apart, but I could care less.  Cupcake is sick, and I want to make sure she's as comfortable as possible.  I mean, when I get sick, I like attention and hugs (really, I want my mommy).  So why wouldn't my baby be any different?

I've also been using the Ergo a lot, since she also naps on that.  The main problem is that she's been needing me to be moving-moving-constantly-in-motion. It's okay, it's what she needs.

We also hit a baby-wearing milestone, if you can call it that.  Yesterday, while she was sleeping on the ergo, I managed to successfully use the bathroom without waking.  I'm not sure if it was an inevitable turn of events, but I'm still amused that it happened.

So, yay for baby-wearing.  Not just for carrying the baby outside.  If it wasn't for my carriers, my arms would be falling off right about now.  I love holding her, but I can't wait until she's feeling better and wants to play on the floor again.

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