Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sleep problems

They say that whatever sleep "technique" you are using is alright if it works for you.  And every baby has a different temperament, and every family has different style.  That's why I've always been wary of all the literature out there to sleep train.  Oh, and the MCADD, which means that we still have to feed at night.

But whatever we are doing is not working for us right now.  What to do?  Have we taught her really bad sleeping habits?  (On that note, is it possible to treat an FOD baby to the  "normal" sleep training techniques?  We have to feed her on regular intervals.)

She used to sleep fine, waking up a couple of times a night when she was due for a feed.  It's like her internal clock knew to expect the next meal.  But this last couple of week have been bad.  She keeps randomly waking up, we adjust her paci, sometimes that's not enough and I have to feed her.

In a couple of weeks, we'll be meeting with her Metabolic Specialist, and they should be giving us the go-ahead to go 5 hours between feeds (and in another month 6, then 7, then 8!!!).  But I can't help but think that it sounds like a bit of a joke.  Riiiight.... She won't sleep 5 hours in a row...  We haven't had to wake her to eat in a while.  Since we stopped setting the alarm a couple of months ago, we've let her hunger cues wake us.  Usually it's every 4 hours at night.  It's been 4.5 or even 5 a few times, but not usually.  And the last couple of weeks, it's been every 2-3 hours.

She also was sick last week.  Is that why her sleep patterns are still messed up?  Is this a temporary issue until her body completely rids itself of all traces of the virus?

Or, the more typical culprit, is it a growth spurt?  I know there's supposed to be one at around 6 months.  It would explain why she's nursing sooooo much at night. It would also mean it's temporary, which would be wonderful

Or maybe we need to go back to co-sleeping.  Or move the crib to her own area of the room.  I don't like this second option because we still have to nurse twice a night, and I'd rather not have to *get up* for that.  But I'm not too excited to bed share again, I've enjoyed these last few weeks where we sprawl and take over our mattress.

I don't like second guessing so much.  Ha ha, I better get used to it, it's part of this whole parenting gig, right?
We are thinking of trying the No Cry Sleep Solution, from the Baby Whisperer books, as soon as Cupcake and I make it to the library.

Will that even work with an FOD kid?  I fear that Cupcake will wake up, we will get her back asleep, only to have to wake her after an hour and half to feed.  Something about that feels very counterproductive.  More on this as it progresses.


  1. We are still cosleeping and it works best for us. Klaw's crib is right beside our bed but we usually just keep him in bed with us. It's easier and works out for us.

    Klaw has never really woken up for his feeds at night but he can't have breastmilk, so we have to set our alarms & get up to make a bottle for him. Yes, I have the magic baby who sleeps through the night...but we can't sleep through the night with him. Talk about luck...

    Is there any way you could try to wake up before Cupcake & try to get her to dreamfeed so she doesn't full wake? I have no clue.

    Klaw did have a sleep pattern adjustment around 6 months, so maybe that's part of it. (He's having another one now...super restless but not fully waking...keeping us awake lol)

  2. I think that it probably is a growth spurt. My daughter had readjustment periods too. As soon as we were used to her schedule she would switch it up on us. It is so much harder when you have to feed them anyway, it doesn't make sense to put them back to sleep only to wake them up an hour later. Super frustrating!

  3. Thanks so much for the feedback!! I really hope its a growth spurt.

    @Dana, we would try to set the alarm and feed her before she wakes, but she's been waking every 3 hours the last few nights, so she's beating the schedule by a lot. lol. And we also have the crib next to our bed, and move her with us at some point in the night. It had been working wonderful :) Hopefully it'll work again

    @KOKO, its always gratifying to hear people with older kids say that they had sleep readjustments too. Thanks!