Saturday, March 5, 2011

Getting the hang of the Ergo

Finally!  We did it!

Cupcake has taken to the Ergo carrier, and will now stay happily on it for long periods on time.  On Saturday she even fell asleep on it when we went out.  And once we got home she stayed napping for her usual 40 minutes, even though she was bundled up for the outdoors.

This is a new chapter in our baby wearing and our mobility.  I will once again be able to take her places without worrying about taking the stroller down our stairs.  We used to do fine with the moby and/or bjorn, but at some point she stopped napping on it, and it became very limiting since I'd have to make sure we were back by nap time or risk a total meltdown.   I think I still prefer the stroller, since there's no constant weight on me and she naps beautifully on it, but it's nice to know that once again we can hop outside for a quick errand.

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