Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Diapers and solids

I might be having second thoughts about this whole "solids" business.  I mean, Cupcake is obviously ready and she looooooves having her food, but the diapers are the scariest thing I've ever seen.  I swear she will never eat banana again for the rest of her life, or at least until she's potty trained and in high school.

Today she ate carrots, hopefully it'll agree better with her stomach.  We also got apples, avocados, and a sweet potato.  I'm incredibly excited to try them, mostly because she seems to enjoy food so much.  Obviously other parents have survived diapers, but how?  How can I deal with 2 more years of this?  

She also had a couple of blowouts our her back.  Maybe it's time to move to a bigger size?  She's currently using size 3s, and she weighs almost 18 lbs, but I've always heard that if you're having blowouts, its best to go up a size.  Then again, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle, that I'm asking for the impossible. She'll go through a phase of explosive poops, then her digestive system will re-stabilize and then life will go back to normal again.  Or at least I hope our laundry will be slightly more... poop free.  It has to be.  I don't see 1 year-olds having every outfit washed because they keep pooping on them.  Or is this another of those dark secrets no one tells you about, like sleep regression and nail scratching.


  1. The assplosions are what convinced me to switch to cloth. Best. Decision. Ever. I wrote a whole post about it.

    Bananas do cause very scary, nasty poops lol.

  2. Thanks, would love to do cloth, but the closest laundry mat is 2 blocks away. So it's hard enough to get our own laundry done with a baby. And the diaper services in the area wouldn't save us any money.

    I'm glad to hear bananas are particularly bad though. Maybe she'll just get them on the weekends. lol