Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fun with solids

Cupcake has been starting slowly on solids for about a week now.  She's just so into it!  Since she was about 4 months old, she would stare at us as we ate and reach out for our food, so we'd give her little tasters, a carrot to play with, let her gnaw on pita bread or something similar.  But it was very sporadic and just for fun.

Now, once she got over her cold, we decided that she was overdue to try actually eating.  Our plan was to try to feed her some carrots, see if she'd like it, and take it from there.  We actually expected her to be interested in the concept of food, but not it's actual delivery.  We weren't going to force solids on her, she'd start when she was ready.

I steamed some baby carrots, and then ground them with a little manual grinder we bought just for this.  And fed it to her with a baby spoon.

The first spoonful she kinda made a face, put the food in her mouth, and then slowly spit it out.  No biggie, we let her play with the spoon, it was all good.  We were having our own dinner at the table too.  I tried giving her some again, and she just looked so happy, so expectant.  And after a couple of times she totally got the swallowing business down, and kept opening her mouth for more.  She'd eat, grab the spoon and put it in her mouth.   So awesome!

We fed her carrots for three days, she did great, and then last night, while I went out for a birthday dinner, Nate gave her some mashed banana. From the smells and surprises coming out of her diaper this morning, she really enjoyed and fully ate the piece of banana.

I'm so excited about my little girl growing, and embracing food, but this diaper?  It might have been the most horrifying thing I've ever seen come out of a butt.  I hear it only gets better !!  And I'm so excited by how happy she looks when she eats that I'm okay with the future poops.

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