Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Dear Cupcake,

I know it must be painful.  The mere idea of having a jagged tooth literally break through your gums sounds horrifying.  And because of this, I know you're not being  obnoxious on purpose.

Seriously, when a baby gets a tooth, the whole family suffers.  We were all up several times a night to sooth you.  We rocked you and sang, and nursed you when you'd start crying as if you were in pain and still looked half asleep.  Should we have let you sort it out yourself? I don't know, but seeing that we can see the bump in your gum, I think we're just going to indulge you as you go through this process.

I hope it ends soon.  I love you and want you to feel right again, but this is exhausting.  We can't have too many more night like this.  Or else soon we're going to stop being receptive to your cries, and none of us want that.

We're so happy you have a tooth and are working on another.  Really, we are.  I know you had little control over it, but I can't help but feel proud of how well you're growing.  I just wish it would get here, you know, faster, and without so much fuss.

There's only so much Motrin we can give you before it just gets ridiculous.  So we've decided that a bit of painkillers at night are probably good for you too (I really think you're happier when you sleep well at night), and during the day I'll just tough it out.  During the day we can play and distract you.  We'll be fine.

Just please, don't be one of those babies that is teething for three months straight.  We'll love you matter what, but I really want to like you the whole time too.

Love,  Mama


  1. Klaw started teething around 4.5 mo...no teeth until 11 mos. Every well-check the pediatrician said, "any day now." Now, ALL of his teeth are coming in. I hope, for you & Cupcake's sake, that this does not drag on. O M Goodness...

  2. Oh my! We've been having the never ending drool since about 4 months, but these last 2-3 weeks, it's been full on cranky, ear tugging, night waking....

    Did y'all give Klaw ibuprofen or Tylenol for his pain? I want to help her sleep and get some rest, but I worry about over medicating.