Saturday, February 20, 2010

Food and it's effects

It seems that I really can't eat like I used to.  Nate says I say this after every meal, but it's because I cannot stress it enough.  Food that used to be norm for me will now suddenly feel like I gorged on heavily spiced oils.

Wednesday I went out with my girlfriends to a French restaurant, and had a pretty harmless meal (braised short rib with a side of polenta and steamed veggies).  I felt fine while eating, all was good.   I'll get into the cheese debate in a minute.

I get home and I don't feel too hot, but I just figure that it's because it's kinda late and these days I tire easily.  But on Thursday I felt awful.  Sick to my stomach, feeling nauseous at the mere thought of food.  I managed to make myself eat a few saltines and ginger ale, but otherwise I spent the day bedridden, unable to eat, and fighting a constant headache.  My mom told me it was because sometimes foreign specialty cuisines can be heavily seasoned, in a way our stomachs aren't used to processing.  But I think that was a bunch of bull.  Case in point, Friday I was finally able to chew, so I made myself some steamed rice and veggies, and only seasoned it with salt.  And I still had nausea afterward.    It's like my body's food aversions are changing so fast I can't keep up with them.  Miracle of life, blah blah blah, I'm getting frustrated with feeling like I have a constant stomach ache.

I'm also concerned that all this might have happened because I had soft cheeses.  It was a French restaurant, and they had a wonderful special deal of a cheese tray if everyone got an entrée.  And I knew in the back of my head that I wasn't supposed to have unpasteurized cheeses, and that those were common in soft imported cheeses, but I really didn't feel like asking, and I wanted a couple of tastes of the brie.  So I ate it, small amounts, but there is a paranoid part of me that is scared that I did damage to our little cupcake and that's why I've been so sick the last few days.  The doctor said to be responsible with my diet but not go crazy, that the baby is stronger than we think, but I'm feeling incredibly self-conscious about everything I do.  Mostly because my appetite seems to be all out of whack.

Today I wanted a bagel with lox, and came to realize that smoked fish is on the Avoid list for pregnant women.  Grrr.... Im' getting very frustrated with all that I can't eat.

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