Friday, February 19, 2010


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Cupcake only 6 weeks in the womb"][/caption]

Last Friday we had the first sonogram of the pregnancy.  And, oh my goodness, we hard the heartbeat!!!

We went to the NYU medical center, where everyone was very nice, and the nurse made us feel like she was truly sharing the moment with us (even though I'm sure she sees fetuses every 10 minutes).  Then she stuck some camera contraption up my "princess" and voila, there was an image on the overhead monitor.  Nate was there holding my hand, and both of us were looking in awe.  At a blob, in all honesty.  The nurse said the baby looked healthy, but I have no idea how she could tell what was what.  Experience, obviously.  She patiently showed us what each part was, and the outline of my active ovary, and the feeding sack (she called it its backpack).  All in all, it looked like a blob of mashed potatoes.  Mmmmm.... mashed potatoes.

And then,  she turned the audio and we heard the heartbeat.  Super fast, but oh so clear.  And I felt the tears coming out my eyes, and looked over and Nate was equally excited.  It's the most amazing feeling.  I think the pregnancy seemed like the abstract thing that was happening to me until  I heard its heart.  It's a little creature, living in my belly, and I couldn't feel happier about it.

Afterward we sent everyone in the family an image of the sonogram.  Our families are super excited.

Cupcake, you will be loved, no doubt about that.

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