Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Natural Births?

I seem to be having a major existential crisis regarding the options of totally drug free natural birth at a birthing center, and the more medically invasive hospital births.   Truth is, I'm just scared of cesarean sections.  That's the ultimate driving force behind all the internal debate.

I am also terrified beyond belief of the pain from ejecting a human being out of my delicate lady parts.  I go back and forth.

On one side, our bodies were designed for birthing, and there is nothing more natural than the miracle of life.  On the other hand, historically there was a high rate of infant and mother mortality and birth was an incredibly risky life threatening process.  So far be it from me to critique the advances of modern medicine.  Sure, they might remove us from the purity of the birthing experience, but at least we are alive to complain about it.

We were talking with Nate about whether to use a birthing center or hospital.  And he's decided that I'm the type of person who needs to be in a hospital.  If only because i need to have everything at my disposal to make the informed decision to reject it.  He knows me well, and a non-tense mama is a happier mama.

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