Wednesday, January 12, 2011

baby earrings

So cupcake got earrings soon after her 2 month check up.  It seemed like the normal thing to do.  After all, she got earrings at her Baby Shower, and in Peru all babies get earrings as infants.  Ok, maybe not all of them, but most kids have earrings when they are babies.  I'm having doubts now about all this.  And I hate second guessing myself.

Its a cultural thing, I guess, I always thought it was better for the baby to have earrings when they are as small as possible, because they haven't developed nerves/blood capillaries yet, or a sense that they even have ears for that matter.

But then I went to our mother/baby group yesterday, and I felt strangely judged about it.  I dont know, they all commented that she had earrings, which ... yes, she does.  But it was a strange reaction of how cute, and she looks so adult now.  And I was like wha?????  adult?  Little gold studs on the ears is how babies look.  That's like saying that a baby wearing denim pants looks adult.  Which now that I think about it..... when they wear little adult clothing they do look adorable too.

I'm not torturing my baby for the sake of vanity.  I truly think that its better for them to have their ears pierced when they are little.  Less chance of infection, less pain, faster healing, less trauma.  I'm doing it for her, not because I want her to look adult.  If anything, I'm always advocating for a slow process to adulthood.   After all, whats the hurry to get your baby to crawl or walk earlier, where are they going?

Mmmm...  having lots of issues about all this.

It also kinda didnt help that one of the other moms, one that I thought looked youthful and about my age, make a comment about how she was older than me.  As if it was an obvious fact. And yes, she was 36 and I'm only 30.  But is it that obvious?  Are they really that much older, in such a different place?  Maybe I was just feeling defensive that day.

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