Sunday, January 9, 2011

Overslept at night

While were on vacation visiting family for the Holidays we had an unfortunate oversleeping incident.  Happily, it ended up having a happy ending.

On January 3rd, we were victims to the Iphone  clock glitch and the alarm didnt go off for Cupcake's 2:30 am feed AND the 6:30 one.   I guess that answers the question if she sleeps through the night.  Yes, she does.  She slept for 8 hours without as much as flinching.   When I woke up and noticed that it was after 7 am, I freaked out.  I had images in my head of Cupcake not responding, or having to take her to the hospital for a glucose treatment.  But instead, I picked her up and put her to my boob, and she ate, as if nothing had happened.

We called her doctor the next day (it was a Sunday), and she said that this is very reassuring, and shows how Cupcake is dealing well with her MCADD, but to still feed her not more that 4 hours apart just to be on the safe side.  After all, we can't know when her body is passively fighting an infection and burning more calories.  So... even though this was fine, it shoudl'nt happen again.

As soon as she started eating, I began to cry.  Its so exhausting, having to think about the ramifications of feeding her on schedule.  The fear of what could happen.  And what it means that she slept for 8 hours and nothing happened.  Did we get lucky?  Does this mean her MCADD isn't really symptomatic?  What gives?

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