Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sleep, oh the dreaded sleep

So its day two that Cupcake is sleeping through the night again.  Which is a tenuous thing to celebrate, because we are back to co-sleeping.  I don't mind the co sleeping all that much, but she had transitioned well to the crib, and we had made our peace with the baby gaining independence and ... well, I don't want to go through the separation again.

I now understand the CIO proponents a lot better.  Specially around nap time, when she refuses to sleep and cries, and everything I do doesn't stop her from crying.. well, six of one half-dozen of the other.  I mean, if she's going to cry anyway, it might as well be in a controlled setting as part of an overall parenting philosophy.

I don't know why she slept well the last two nights.  She napped horrendously, so she should have been cranky.  It took a while to get her down, but when she finally did, she stayed asleep all the way to 9:30 am.  She even went back to dream feeding during her overnight MCAD nursing sessions.  What gives?  Was it our awesome bedtime routine finally paying off?  Was it that she was just worn out?  Is it a fluke and she'll be back to being miss cranky pants during the night? Or, dare I dream, is this phase over?  The other mom in our baby group said they went through similar problems with their older ones, and that it too... shall pass.  They didn't really say how long it would take though.  I mean, I know it's a phase, no college aged person needs to be rocked to sleep, but will it be two weeks?  Two months?  Will anyone ever know?

Seriously, I have to remind myself sometimes that I love my child and I want to do this, and its ultimately very rewarding.  I don't know how nannies don't throw their kids out the window.

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