Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nap training

After Cupcake was completely cuckoo yesterday and the weekend, I'm getting a little worn out.  The other moms in our Mom Group say that their kids are/have gone through a similar phase around the 3 month mark, of hysterical sudden inconsolable crying, and this makes me feel better.  Still though, I'm a bit worm out from baby care.

So I decided to try the napping technique that the books recommend.  Set her down on the crib while still a bit drowsy, pat her stomach and sing a song, and leave her alone.  If she makes noise go back and pat her on the tummy again.  Repeat until she falls asleep.  I have absolutely zero intention of letting her CIO, it just doesn't seem necessary for my baby at this point in her development.  So if she cried, I would have woken her up.

But she didn't cry.  Instead, she called for me about 3 times, and I came every time.  She smiled when she saw me, and I patted her and sand her songs, and she held my hand on her chest.  And slowly she's get sleepier and sleepier, until the third time I left her she was completely asleep.  It was textbook, she did everything right.

She's such a good baby.

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