Thursday, February 24, 2011

Baby feet

We have reached one of my favorite baby milestones:  Cupcake has found her feet.

I remember when I was pregnant, dreaming about this moment.  How babies spend hours on end staring at their own feet, fascinated by the notion that these strange things are indeed part of their bodies.  Are they?  They taste weird, but I feel something in my body!  Far out! Apparently, in my head, babies are inherently surfers.

Little toes, little feet.  So cute.  Such a joyful pastime, watching her grab her feet and gingerly taste it, as if confirming that it indeed is solid.  And then covering her feet with drool and spreading said drool everywhere.

Usually, she prefers toe sucking when she's on her changing table.  Maybe its the solid nature of the surface, maybe it's that her feet are already up for us to wipe her butt.  Whatever the reason, she will distract herself silly with her own limbs.  She's always liked having her diaper changed, and how I have one more reason to enjoy it.

Incidentally, the first time she rolled over, it was also on the changing table.  It must be magic.

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