Sunday, February 20, 2011

We have a cold

So Cupcake started having a stuffy nose Wednesday afternoon, and today Sunday, she's in full-blown common cold mode.  I'm not worried (by this I mean, that yes, colds happen, snotty noses are common in babies, and I'm not freaking out over it), but it is exhausting.  We've been checking her temperature and so far no fever, so no reason to call the doctor and take her to the ER or anything.  No MCADD crisis as of yet.  But the stuffy nose is messing with her sleep at night, and it's just exhausting.

For one, she's just under the weather.  My normally energetic baby girl is just kinda blah, sitting there without trying to jump off the couch every second.  But she's not lethargic enough that I feel concerned.  In fact, her tiredness is only noticeable because I know her, I don't think anyone else would know she's not quite herself.

The problem is that I also seem to have caught the bug.  I'm not sure if it's the sleepless nights, the excessive baby holding,  or just a strong virus, but I'm also with a stuffy nose, sore throat and feeling achy.  Its making me really empathize with Cupcake, because if she feels as crappy as I do, she's going to need some extra cuddles.  My arms are getting tired, and so are Nate's.  So glad he has a long weekend off from work.

Some things I am learning:

- I'm not freaking out about MCAD attacks.  Apparently when a real cold comes, I can keep my cool and just observe her.

- Babies don't seem to mind rectal thermometers as much as they should.  It looks uncomfortable, but Cupcake was pretty happy with this thing sticking up her butt.

- I am a fan of the Nose Frieda, what a disgusting and awesome contraption.

- Snotty noses and pacifiers don't mix.  Yet pacifiers and a calm baby go hand in hand.  Problem.

- I am finally done with this $(*#*%$ cold weather.  Yes wintry mix due to arrive tonight, I'm talking to you.  Go away.  The groundhog said spring would come early and my sanity depends on the accuracy of his prediction.


UPDATE :  Both momma and baby have a cold, and its no fun.  We took a nap this afternoon while Nate hung out in the house, and I feel slightly better.  I needed my head elevated though, and finally realized that my sinuses were stuffed enough to warrant some meds.  After looking up cold remedies and breastfeeding, I decided to get myself a nasal spray.  I had an entire inner struggle with it:  I hate nasal sprays, yet I saline spray Cupcake when she's sick.  So I had to stop being a hypocrite and subject myself to the same uncomfortable treatment as my own baby.


I really hope this doesn't affect my milk supply.  As it is, I feel depleted because what I need is rest, and what Cupcake needs is more feeding.  And because Cupcake has MCAD, her feeding needs trump me every time.


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