Monday, February 21, 2011

Parenthood is tough - I am sick

I've always known that parenthood (motherhood specially) is tough.  It's a 24 hour job, its stressful, you worry so much about your children's health, the sleep deprivations, etc, yet its all so worth it when this little person that you love more than you thought possible smiles at you.  I'm on it.  I know what I got myself into.

But nothing could prepare me for it actually means to be sick and caring for a sick child.  I mean, in concept, I understood that my baby's needs come first.  But its tough.  I'm not taking decongestants because I don't want to mess with my milk supply, which means that my nose remains stuffy.  I'm not able to unwind because we have to entertain her.  And I'm not able to get the adequate sleep and rest that I really need, because her highness needs to feed from my boob every 3 hours.

Every three hours?  Oh, I wish.  Since she's running a slight temperature and has lost her appetite, we are trying to feed her every 2-3 hours as an MCAD precaution.   We called her Geneticist, and we feel better about Cupcake's situation.  We are ready in case we have to go to the ER, but it doesn't look like its bad.  She's still eating (though less), and she's definitely not "lethargic" since she's having trouble sleeping (I blame the stuffy nose for that).

So the stress of my baby girl having a cold (which could result in a metabolic crisis) stresses me.  My own cold stresses me.  How do other people do this?  Today was a holiday so my husband was home to help, but what will happen tomorrow?  I'm guessing that like so many other mothers I know, I will find superhuman strength I didn't know I had and tough it out.  What other choice to I have?

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  1. Hello Cupcake's mother. Hope you and your daughter are feeling much better now. As a new father myself I understand your situation. Seems like we can't regularly unwind like before. But once in a while you hand cupcake to your husband and have a great time going out and doing stuff that you want to or just unwind at some spa if that is ur thing. Good luck. Wish u and cupcake a wonderful life ahead