Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rolling over

On Monday, Cupcake decided that after days and days of trying, she was finally going to roll over.  She did on her changing table (we reaaaaally need to get a contoured base now), and almost rolled off the edge.  Luckily, we were right there watching her to celebrate the occasion.  We took pictures and were at once excited and terrified.  She looked pretty pleased with herself.

On Tuesday she kept kinda half-assed trying and didn't accomplish anything.  It was fine.

Wednesday.  We went to a friend's house for a multiple baby playdate, and she kept trying to roll.  Maybe it was the sight of so many babies her own age, maybe it was the continuous floor mats.  In any case, she had many attempts, and once again her arm kept getting in the way.  I helped her three times.

Thursday.  She rolled over in front of both my parents while they were watching her on skype.  Just a few times, but she's struggling with her arm pinned under herself.  At some point I left her on her playmat and went to the kitchen to watch dishes.  A little while later I hear her fussing and I come to find her on her belly, none too happy about having to do tummy time.  Its awesome, she gets on her belly but doesn't actually like staying that way.

Friday.  She's officially rolling over.  Every time I set her on the floor, she's immediately trying to turn to her belly.  And once she accomplishes this, she fusses until I put her on her back again.  Why doesn't she enjoy tummy time more?  When will she learn to roll to her back and restore the balance in the force?

She just looks so excited every time she does it.  Like it's a huge accomplishment, which it is.  I wonder if it's a type of roller coaster ride in her head.

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